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Temporary Roadmap

Action Due Date
Evaluation: whether our approach to control the application through the ontology is working in principle. See VUE files (programmers make themselves acquainted with the approach). Requirements: develop basic ideas how to implement the stuff

Fallback: Back to relational system, only data in rdf triple store. New Roadmap!

end of March
Programming of the first basic classes (in Java), based on a given action, e.g. ‘create new entry’.

Requirements: approach works in theory

end of April
First new design for the existing system, while keeping the new modules already in mind.

A comprehensive glossary of all interface elements (building blocks) that will be used for the interface of MDB (each with a figure/image and a term as its label)

end of April
Programming of all MDB workflow actions (in Java), including all status transition workflow actions. start of September
Semantic annotation of texts and images in the interface start of September
First design for module ‘morphological description’ (in communication with what Sandra develops, but already including the formal descriptions) start of September
Programming of the ‘basic machinery’: a basic working framework that allows the execution of all MDB workflow actions through the GUI with minimal entries as MDB entries. A minimal entry consists of the mandatory components that every data entry in MDB necessarily possesses. The ‘basic machinery’ includes Java classes & functions, supplying JSON-files for the interface and processing and displaying them in the interface-framework (NodeJS + AngularJS (?)). All this bidirectionally. start of January
Parallel development:

A) transfer specimen entry from relational DB to Semantic Specimen Entry. B) Module ‘morphological description’: Text input with semantic markup. || Sommer 2016

Design of the formal description part for module ‘morphological description’ Autumn 2016
Basic functionality of formal description for module ‘morphological description’ Autumn 2016