2nd Workshop

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The second workshop was held in January 2017 from the 23th to the 25th hosted by the Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig (ZFMK).

16 participants from 5 different institutions took part. Besides scientists from 3 project use cased, several members of project-unrelated working groups joined the event.

Goal of the three-day workshop was to:

  • demonstrate the MDB prototype web application
  • test of the prototype and interview the users to obtain feedback on the current development
  • development of a commonly accepted schema for the MDB morphological description module and meta data
  • elaborate the needs and requirements of the use cases in terms of functionality and the user interface.

Furthermore the workshop gave the project partners the opportunity to report on their current work progress.

Several presentations and subsequent detailed discussions provided both new users and project members comprehensive insight to the overall objective, the technical background and current status of the implementation of the application. However, the focus of the workshop was to have experts from the domains "taxonomy" and "morphology" to work with the prototype to identify issues, provide feedback and discuss feature request, as well as to develop required data and metadata standards for semantic morphological descriptions.

Additionally, the evening program allowed all participants to meet informally and to extend the discussions beyond the official agenda.