1st Workshop

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Speaker Dr. Lars Vogt

The first workshop was held Mach 2nd to March 4th in Lenzen (Elbe). 18 participants from 10 different institutions took part. Besides scientists from all 4 project use case groups, several members of project unrelated working groups joined the event.

Goal of the three day workshop was to:

  • inform the use case about the current developments of the project
  • provide background information on ontologies and the Stemantic Web.
  • obtain feedback from the (potential) users of Morph⋅D⋅Base about special requirements and typical workflows within their area of expertise (taxonomy, morphology and material sciences).

To provide all participants, of which some were new to Morph⋅D⋅Base and ontologies, the necessary background, several talks on the theory of ontologies and their practical use were held on day one. In addition the attendees gave first feedback on their personal scientific background using a provided online questionnaire and though discussions.

The second day was mainly used to give the use cases the opportunity to present their work with a special focus on how Morph⋅D⋅Base could be integrated in their projects. Furthermore three working groups were build based on the scientific fields represented (morphology, taxonomy and material sciences). The working groups discussed their special requirements and documented their conclusions utilizing a second online questionnaire.


On the third day the use cases discussed the specific requirements for Morph⋅D⋅Base, based on their new obtained knowledge. The results were again documented in an online questionnaire. The final plenum was used to discuss how Morph⋅D⋅Base would look like in an ideal (scientific) world and how we can get closer to this goal by defining the next steps and milestones for the project.

Besides the tight schedule, the workshop provided enough time for everyone to meet on a personal basis. A walk to the near by Elbe river and the evenings in the cozy guest house of the Burg Lenzen (Lenzen castle) gave room for interesting discussions off the track of the official agenda.

See the minutes of the workshop and Report Questionnaires for further details.