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The Institute of Evolutionary Biology and Ecology of the Friedrich‐Wilhelms University of Bonn, Germany, invites applications for the positions of

2 Information Scientists (f/m; TV‐L 13 = app. 42.000€ year's salary, pre‐tax; 100%)

for three years for the DFG projekt „eScience‐Compliant Standards for Morphology“, anticipated

starting date: August 1st 2014.

Project Aims and Scope: Following a user‐centered‐design approach and in close coordination with four use‐cases, new modules for ontology‐based morphological descriptions, taxonomic descriptions, and image annotation will be developed for the morphological data repository Morph·D·Base ( It should be possible to create the descriptions either through natural language processing and semantic annotation (text markup) or by entering RDF triplets using ontologies. The development of these modules is done in close collaboration with the US‐American project „TaxonWorks“ (

Work Environment: We provide the opportunity to work for a large national project, in a team of three programmers and other scientists from scientific research collections and biodiversity informatics. You will work in the interdisciplinary, still very young and exciting field of research of ontology applications. You will develop new approaches for solving very complex questions of comparative morphology and taxonomy.


  • Setting up an ontology‐server and reasoner,
  • adaptation of different modules for display and input of ontologies, and
  • development of missing functionality for the Web interface of Morph·D·Base.

Furthermore, participating in regular meetings of all persons involved in the project is necessary. For the most part, these meetings will be held in Germany.

Requirements: If you have knowledge in dealing with ontologies and programming of ontology applications, you are welcome in our team! Further, we would like applicants to have experience in setting up an ontology‐server and reasoner, in the implementation of Web interfaces, as well as in the design of databases.

In case the applicant is correspondingly qualified, payment will be according to German TV‐L 13 pay scale (app. 42.000€ year's salary, pre‐tax). Part‐time work is possible. Disabled applicants will be given preference when equal qualifications are present. To increase the number of women in the scientific staff, female candidates are especially asked to apply.

Please forward your applications including CV, list of successfully completed projects, references and copies of certificates online until 10th of July 2014 to:

Mrs. K. Hennes (secretary@evolution.uni‐

For further questions please contact Dr. Lars Vogt ( or Dr. Peter Grobe (