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Current Work (in progress)

Date Statement/Action/Decision Results
2015-03-11 Excel file with field info
2015-03-17 analyze questionnaire of workshop I internal document created
2015-03-17 Initial disk-space demand of TDS Sesame: 4.6 MB; Jena: 200MB -> Jena: 3.1 MB
2015-03-17 Evaluate Hybridsystem for messaging, User-administration + Semantics NodeJS!
2015-03-18 familiarize with Model View Controller (MVC) concept Agreed on MVC as development as software architectural pattern
2015-03-20 E-Mail to workshop participants: results and feedback email send
2015-03-20 Wiki-access granted
2015-03-24 Description of VUE-Actions for first workflow - from 'new' to 'published' All actions for the first workflow from creating a new entry to publishing this entry
2015-03-24 Install Node.js/Angular (Server, Git) installed ->
2015-03-20 Evaluate whether we can use ComponentJS? ( Provides nothing, AngularJS can not provide. Not needed.
2015-03-25 eliminate named graph 'authorship and intellectual property rights' from all workflow descriptions and distribute the authorship content to the 'versions and provenance' and the intellectual property rights content to the 'header' named graph done
2015-03-31 create development roadmap presented to working group
2015-04-02 Add a timer for a Websocket SPARQL query done
2015-04-04 Summarize and translate questionnaire done
2015-04-07 Run the Java Websocket on the server (jetty) up and running
2015-04-10 Create a Webinterface to add triple to the TDB done
2015-04-14 description of all status transition workflow actions for the revision cycle All MDB workflow actions are described in the ontology as well as in vue files (including all status transition workflow actions).
2015-04-14 Modify the web interface to switch between add/delete triple to/from the TDB done
2015-04-14 Digg into Java Unit Tests, present results to Roman set up test suite, created first unit tests
2015-04-15 modify nodejs/angular code to work with express 4.* and html done
2015-04-17 (Build and) use an URI validator to check if input objects are correct done
2015-04-20 Concept for bulk editing grid: change all => batch or single approval concept developed - should be approved by use cases
2015-05-04 Reorganization of the directories for named graphs and the workspaces done
2015-04-20 Give introduction in IntelliJ and TestNG Unit testing to project team Agreed on "best practices" for development
2015-04-24 Create tests for already existing classes done
2015-04-30 Evaluated SHACL High potential. Early stage of development. Wait until 2nd public draft.
2015-04-30 Restructured Wiki pages Important pages now easyer to find
2015-05-12 Can someone delete MDB Core ID's? Decision: delete or 'hide' the Core ID?-> hide the Core ID to have complete history
2015-05-01 Programm classes to generate URIs and save them in the TDB done
2015-05-19 Evaluate and discuss data for shrew onlology with use case 1 Schedule Skype meeting with I. to discuss open questions
2015-06-03 Add GUI actions to Ontology? In principal ontologies can be used to manage workflow actions. Created internal paper summarizing our discussion.
2015-05-10 Problem: reconnecting websocket in AngularJS solved
2015-06-10 integrate websocket into angularjs service and display websocket JSON message as html table done