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Current Work (in progress)

Date Statement/Action/Decision Results
2015-03-11 Excel file with field info
2015-03-17 analyze questionnaire of workshop I internal document created
2015-03-17 Initial disk-space demand of TDS Sesame: 4.6 MB; Jena: 200MB -> Jena: 3.1 MB
2015-03-17 Evaluate Hybridsystem for messaging, User-administration + Semantics NodeJS!
2015-03-20 E-Mail to workshop participants: results and feedback email send
2015-03-20 Wiki-access granted
2015-03-24 Description of VUE-Actions for first workflow - from 'new' to 'published' All actions for the first workflow from creating a new entry to publishing this entry
2015-03-24 Install Node.js/Angular (Server, Git) installed ->
2015-03-20 Evaluate whether we can use ComponentJS? ( Provides nothing, AngularJS can not provide. Not needed.
2015-03-25 eliminate named graph 'authorship and intellectual property rights' from all workflow descriptions and distribute the authorship content to the 'versions and provenance' and the intellectual property rights content to the 'header' named graph done
2015-03-31 create development roadmap presented to working group